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  2. Ian Wallace In 'What A Girl Wants' 'Memba Him?!
  3. What a Girl Wants (A Girl, #2) by Lindsey Kelk

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That might be: a very rich husband, but for the time being, a very rich daddy, and And it would be great if he looked like Colin Firth! This, not to be at all reductive, appears to be the entire message of What A Girl Wants, a noxious though cynically astute slice of Jane Austen-informed escapist fluff for teenage girls. The actress then lowered the dog to the ground and the trainer used visual cues to get the dog to walk over to Daphne and sit down.

Both actresses always kept a supply of dog treats in their pockets to reward Pickles after each scene. A man sits in a wheelchair and ambitiously shoots at the discs that are released, but he seems to hit everything around him but his target!

Ian Wallace In 'What A Girl Wants' 'Memba Him?!

He hits the top of a birdhouse and as wood and feathers fly, so do a few birds. Then we see a cat climbing on a tree branch until another inaccurate bullet hits it and splits it, sending the cat leaping to safety.

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  • Kelly Preston as Libby Reynolds.

To safely accomplish the illusion of chaos, the birdhouse was specially designed out of lightweight balsa wood. A separate compartment was made inside the top of the birdhouse that held an air compressor, balsa chips and feathers from a down pillow, so that the destruction could be cued and controlled.

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  5. The gun that the actor used was a prop and the sounds were added in post-production. To add the effect of the live birds being displaced, one trainer was hidden behind the birdhouse. On cue and in rapid succession, the actor aimed the fake gun at the birdhouse, the air compressor was turned on, the roof of the birdhouse blew off, feathers and balsa chips flew, and the trainer released five pigeons, one at a time.

    SHE'S THE MAN FULL MOVIE HD- Channing Tatum, Amanda Bynes

    The winged actors flew to another trainer off camera who held a cage packed with bird treats. All of the birds were homing pigeons and were banded in case any decided to take flight, although all of the birds were content to fly to the food. For the cat stunt, a real tree branch was engineered around platforms that enabled the cat to jump down safely. A trainer placed the cat on the tree branch and used hand signals to get the cat to look and walk around.

    During the coming-out party hosted by her father, she overhears Alastair talking to Glynnis about having "got rid of" Daphne's mother seventeen years ago, and how he thought he would have to do the same thing with Daphne. Daphne tries to confront him, but Glynnis grabs Daphne and locks her in another room. Glynnis then hurriedly asks the band's lead singer, who happens to be Ian, to announce the father—daughter dance, knowing that Daphne is locked up; she uses this as a ploy to get Henry to dance with Clarissa, instead.

    Libby rescues Daphne, but it is too late; Daphne witnesses Henry dancing with Clarissa, and rejects her new self because it is not who she is. She returns to America and resumes working as a waitress. Henry announces in an election press conference that he has chosen not to continue pursuing his political career.

    On his way out of the press conference, he discovers that Alastair knew about Libby's pregnancy and had manipulated their separation, seventeen years earlier. Henry punches Alastair in the face for concealing Daphne's existence. He then breaks off his engagement to Glynnis. Daphne is serving as a caterer at a wedding in America while resuming her application to NYU as the traditional father—daughter dance begins. She wistfully thinks of Henry and what she left behind When Daphne asks him what he's doing there, Henry declares that, on the plane, he had written down, "at least two hundred times," what he wanted to tell her; he fumbles, unable to find his written speech.

    What a Girl Wants (A Girl, #2) by Lindsey Kelk

    So he extemporizes, telling he simply that he loves her for who she is and "wouldn't change one hair on [her] head". Daphne, overjoyed, accepts his love and, instead of calling him Henry, refers to him as "Dad". She finally gets the father—daughter dance she has been longing for her whole life, while Libby watches. Realizing that he still loves Libby, Henry informs Daphne that he has "a rather large present" for her—in the person of Ian, whom he has brought with him.

    Ian steps up and cuts in. As he and Daphne dance, Henry rejoins Libby. He apologizes to her; Libby accepts his apology and they kiss.

    In the epilogue, Glynnis gets married to a wealthy nobleman and Clarissa marries Armistead who still has a wandering eye. Alastair has become a tour guide in London. Libby and Henry are married in a Bedouin ceremony; this time they make sure it is legal and binding.

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