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It keeps us all smiling, satisfied, and COOL. I guess right now would be the time to admit that I rarely make ice cream cake. One may even call it a baking addiction, but whatever. I care what my desserts look like too much hi, have we met? You can use any flavors of ice cream you want.

Or even vanilla and strawberry for a neapolitan vibe.

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The final two layers, the hot fudge and the whipped cream, are both homemade. Homemade whipped cream is quite simple. As the cake freezes, the inside layers stay separate, but move around quite a bit. I loved the ribbons of hot fudge throughout and, of course, the sprinkles on top. Simple and divine 5 layer ice cream cake sitting on top of an Oreo crust.

Cool off and celebrate with this easy recipe! Hi Sally!

Easy Ice Cream Cake Recipe

Planning on making this this weekend, but am wondering if I could use crushed choc chip cookies instead of Oreos? Or do you suggest baking a layer of choc chip cookies at the bottom of the pan instead?

Hi Madeline! Either way should work just fine. Might be easier to crush already baked or store-bought chocolate chip cookies though! Sally I sound like such a happy person and your so kind to others in these comments that really makes me feel happy. Do you know if can make this gluten free by using a package of gluten free cookies? I would make sure each ingredients is certified gluten free though.

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  • Cheerios have many flavors that are gluten free, crush them like cookies and proceed! The chocolate cheerios would be good in this and the honey nut make a great cheesecake crust! Thanks for the recipe.

    53 Best Homemade Ice Cream Cake Recipes – My Cake Recipes

    The quantities listed here are going to be a little too much for a 9 inch springform pan. But this recipe is very forgiving so you can use your best judgement how thick to make each layer! I used vanilla ice cream in place of Peanut butter and added a layer of caramel sauce. It was a huge hit!

    10 Tasty Ice Cream Dessert Recipes

    I love ice cream cake, and this recipe looks like the perfect one! This ice cream cake looks so yummy!

    The 50 Most Delicious, Spectacular Ice-Cream Cake Recipes

    And I love that I can play around with the ice cream flavors; neapolitan, mint chocolate chip, caramel, rocky road…yum! Just made this today with gluten free Oreo cookies. The gluten free Oreo packet only came with 21 Oreo cookies. So I added some gluten free shortbread cookies to roughly make the 36 cookie count.

    Used only vanilla ice cream as my little girl with Celiac is only a vanilla ice cream fan. Put the home made fudge sauce layer from the link between two layers of vanilla ice cream to make it look more like a Canadian Dairy Queen ice cream cake. Two layers of vanilla ice cream separated by fudge sauce. Then the whipped cream with sprinkles on top.

    Next time I will make one and a half or even two times the whip cream layer. Excellent dessert. I used chocolate chip ice cream in place of peanut butter cup ice cream as we have a peanut allergy in the family. The homemade fudge sauce is the only way to go! Absolutely amazing!

    Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

    My family said they never want to see a DQ cake again! Thank you for this delicious recipe, Sally! It was a hit and looked fantastic. I used a springform pan and wanted to change the flavors to our family favorite — pistachio! I found pistachio oreo thins and used those ; but needed a package and a half to get a pressable texture with so much butter.

    I also used a springform pan and added a teaspoon of unflavored gelatin to my whip cream to ease spreadability and firm it up. I will certainly make this again — but I hope to bust out the ice cream maker when I do! I would LOVE to see the cake! This recipe was a big hit with my family!

    I made it for our Memorial Day spread and not even two weeks later, I was making it again! I tried a new to me hot fudge sauce that was on sale and we all thought it made that layer so yummy! Went back to get it again and had to splurge on it as it was no longer on sale!


    But, worth every penny! From the Oreo crust to the homemade whipped topping, this dessert is scrumptious! It has now gone in the file of family favorites! Thanks Sally! Can I omit the hot fudge? Please click here to read our updated Policy. Search Food Network UK.

    Ice Cream Cake Recipe

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