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Perhaps Facebook could never happen if IBM did not exist. Should Charles Flint have felt himself a loser when he organized IBM out of a time-card punching technology firm at the ripe age of 61? Those time card punchers turned out to be early prototypes of computers. Perhaps you have not heard much about Flint, but the device you are looking at right now is possible in part because of what Flint started at He even lived another 24 years, working and enjoying the fruits of his late-in-life success.

A later bloomer? Too late for him at 61?

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Think Web Strategy. Perhaps what I wanted was a tad unrealistic. Consistent persistence is key. Success is a matter of perception. I only have one life. About Raylene Samuels Raylene is the founder of the inspirational website www. Web More Posts. See a typo, an inaccuracy, or something offensive? This is something that I have always wanted to do, and now I can! Go Chris! Lots of people here who feel the same way, so yes, please come back!

I was doing what I thought would make me happy now I hate it. I have to support myself and my son. I have a couple things in mind that I love. Bt, again I have to make a living. I want to live somewhere always nice and warm and have a great career doing what I love. Please help! It is hard because I have never worked full time and at the same time, I need to be constantly studying and learning, yet my doubt over my career path keeps me from staying focused and getting the studying done that I need to feel competent.

Hi Alexis, thanks for the great article. I too is stuck in the same situation. I have a career of 8 years in Investment Banking but I have not enjoyed it much.

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I have been wanting to do this for long time but could not bring enough zeal for the same. Now, I am really serious for going after a career in IB but my friends and other people says that it is almost impossible to make a career switch to IB after being in IT for so many years. What should I do now? Thank you for this. It is great to read that many people still believe. Still dream and see a bigger picture.

Made me feel so alone and I struggled with depression. Now I have realized I am aloud to have my own vision and I am meeting more and more people like me that are ambitious and creative. Life is good. Everyday is better than the last. And you become what you think about most of the time — Earl Nightingale.

Peace out Jenni Bloom. This kind of blather is mind boggling. Sometimes it really is too late. How come no one admits that?

Changing Direction: It’s Not Too Late to Be Who You Want to Be

I disagree that there is always a way. I had planned on attending medical school, but half way through undergrad I got buried under a mountain of medical bills. I sacrificed everything else in my life, and worked myself into the hospital twice , but none of that was enough to get past the pile of debt…and get on with med-school… Now, over 20 years later, that goal is further away than when I started. And, that is if I can somehow triple my current income.

Hi, I am 38, Married and having two kid, boy 9 years and girl 6 years, till a month back never thought i can be without my business, i am main in my company use to think nothing will happen without me, but today i am out, all it took is one minute to take the decision. There is no ending for the business, but your life will end very soon, thought of living life the way i want, Now i realized there is so much is there in life to enjoy, money is not the ultimate, but there is something more than that, i am going in search of new life, hope it will be a eye opener for other people who work till the death, who never realize they lost there life for nothing.

Since coming here, all I do is clean house, do paperwork, repair the house, go to doctor appointments. Where do I go from here? I want to study register a national diploma of office administration for distance learning but I think its too late because of my age, I am 35 and have been working as a secretary at a law firm for the past 7 years.

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I only have matric certificate, certificate in computer literacy and certificate in office administration. I really want to further my studies but my age discourage me.

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I think it is too late to study at this age. I am 55 years old. For the last 20 years I raised 2, now very good men, as a single parent. Often during those 20 years I worked 2 to 3 jobs.

It’s Never Too Late to Live Your Life

I have taken some college classes for Business Administration and have a Cosmetology License. If there is anyone out there who has been in this situation I would welcome your advice! I am 58 and experiencing the greatest decision-making crisis in my life up to this point. For me, this is hard to believe because it seems most people I talk to have gone through this at significantly younger stages of life. I have not until now done what most rational people with reasonable means have done.

Instead, I have gone through my entire adult life simply subsisting and going from one instant gratification to the next. It never once occurred to me during that time that some hard work would be necessary to create a life that would reward me as I approached this age. My impression from the responses above and other sources is that most people my age have had major accomplishments by this time in their lives they did the hard work , have outgrown those accomplishments, and are now ready for a new challenge. That is all well and good, however, how does a person like me cope with looking back and seeing a long list of empty yesterdays: no long term career, no family, no property, no financial security, basically nothing other than staying out of trouble with the law and the IRS.

Oh, and by the way, at the age of 48 I decided to study part time and managed to get a Ph. It took me 9 years, and it looks like a great accomplishment on paper, but when I completed the degree, I realized that at 57 I was too old yes, I said too old to get a job based on my education level. The Ph. Something to subsist on for a decade. I tell people I am unique in that I managed to turn what is normally considered a great accomplishment into a major failure.

My question is, how can I motivate myself to get out of this self-destructive cycle? I know how to learn and see how connections that lead eventually to a solution or realization. You might say that is a lot of years to play with, but in reality only 10 of those years can be conservatively called quality-years. I will throw this last element into the equation: I have a chronic medical condition which could begin manifesting itself within the next 10 to 15 years. Any advice on this will be greatly appreciated.

Never Too Late Quotes

Thank you. There are some things I can never be again, as thanks to degenerative diseases without a cure. It is too late for many things I hoped to accomplish.

Every day is a struggle, just to do little things like showering, errands, chores, work part-time, not health enough for full time. It can be too late. Your email address will not be published. Skip to content. Get the Newsletter. February 11, at pm. Nikki Elledge Brown says:. Anne McKinnell says:.