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  1. Tim Radford

Tim Radford

I was also pleasantly surprised to find the author was born in my own home town, perhaps a few years before me, and I can vouch for his descriptions of the time and place. It is an interesting happenstance where human beings fit in the spectrum of possible sizes. The smallest size possible is believed to be the Planck length , roughly 1. Thus we sit very near to halfway between the smallest and largest things possible.

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It has been argued that this size is not arbitrary, but arises naturally from the properties of space-time, see the answer rated "4" on this page attempting to answer the question "Are we big or small? Below is the excellent nine minute video "Powers of 10" made for IBM in , which I think covers the subject well. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Get Started.

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Where am I going? Tim Radford attempts to answer them by drafting in a technique he first used as a school-boy, when he wrote his address in the inside front cover of his exercise book every term, starting with the house number, the street name, the town, and proceeding upwards through levels of scale - the hemisphere, the planet, the solar system, the galaxy - until he reached the final line, the universe itself.

So - this is a book written on a vertical rather than a horizontal axis. We open with Tim in the present day, in Hastings, sitting at his desk, thinking about his house, his possessions, how they have shaped him and how he has affected them, how a house becomes part of our identity and what binds us to the objects in it.

The next chapter deals with Hastings itself; the town as a unit of scale, why we associate ourselves with one place rather than another.

  1. Tim Radford;
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And so on, upwards through levels of magnitude. As the units of space grow larger, so Tim himself dwindles and the bigger, colder forces of astronomy and astrophysics come into play. By the time we reach the address's final line we are beginning to understand that there is no final answer to the question "Where am I?