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Sixty-five years before, four carefully chosen individuals in the Phoenix Program were cryogenically frozen until the time was right for them to combine forces and restore the government. That time is now. Arrow Steele has trained her whole life to bring the Phoenix Program to fruition, but no amount of training could have prepared her for Phoenix One herself, Kaelyn Trapp, or the attraction neither one of them can deny.

Kaelyn's destiny is to navigate the new world and bring America back to some semblance of a country the Founding Fathers had envisioned. That is, if Arrow can get them to safety. The only thing that stands in their way is thousands of miles and a militarized government.

Arrow and Kaelyn carry the fate of their country on their shoulders. By Ronica Black. FBI profiler Kennedy Scott battles ghosts from her past, deadly obsession, and the evil that haunts her. The Seeker. Famed Hollywood actress Veronica Ryan arrives at a red carpet event with her wife Shawn.

They are the world's most famous gay couplebeautiful, wealthy, and by all appearances, the happiest couple in the world. But things aren't always as they appear. And someone is out to dampen the parade. A shot rings out and Veronica finds herself tackled to the ground by security, her wife lying next to her in a pool of blood. Kennedy Scott used to be the best behavioral profiler the FBI had, but she is haunted by a string of child murders no one can solve. A single quoteSeek and ye shall findwas all she had to go on.

The case has eaten her alive, and after her own family is threatened by an armed intruder, Kennedy retreats to be with them. But one phone call brings her back into the game. Veronica Ryan needs her help and the path may lead to the one who haunts her. By Cameron MacElvee. With prescription drugs and alcohol her only relief from the pain, Chrys is on her way to becoming a statistic.

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That is until the State Department calls and offers her an important assignment—to serve as a diplomatic liaison and interpreter for a Turkish national living in exile. By Gun Brooke. Darcy Flynn, a former police officer in East Quay, works as a night guard and a private investigator. Framed for a bad shooting while on the force, she is set on finding out the truth about what happened. Sabrina Hawk, a successful accountant with an impressive client list, still suffers the aftereffects from an assault during her college years. Victim-blaming on campus was bad enough, but she loathes the authorities for mistreating her.

Darcy notices Sabrina often works late, and the elegant blonde stirs her innate protectiveness. Sabrina finds herself able to relax around Darcy. Wary of the police, she hires Darcy to investigate. But when Sergeant Andy Wyles blocks Kate from touching the patient who collapses in her Vancouver ER, Kate joins the investigation to demand answers, regardless of the danger. As the two women work together to find those responsible for creating an army of human weapons, Kate finds it increasingly difficult to ignore her feelings for the fiercely protective and unrelentingly perceptive cop.

The Reluctant Bodyguard by Suzy C. Dickens | NOOK Book (eBook) | Barnes & Noble®

With lives at risk and her heart on the line, Kate must search for a way to defuse the bombs and save her patients, even as she questions the intensifying connection between herself and Andy. By Michelle Larkin. Chloe Maddox joins the Boston Police Department as a behavioral profiler. Her sole objective is to solve her own case.

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  • The only thing standing in her way is she has no memory of what happened. When she locks eyes with the man who murdered her lover and left her for dead, the past comes flooding back. Detective Dana Blake is still mourning the death of her wife. Both women are caught off guard by their developing attraction as they build their case, on the run from a clever sociopath. Danger lurks behind every corner, and a killer is intent on recapturing his prey.

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    Except this time, he has his eye on Dana, too. By Carsen Taite. Cade Kelly captivates her from the moment they meet, but she discovers that despite their undeniable attraction, Cade will challenge her at every turn. By MB Austin. When covert operator Maji Rios returns to her sleepy Long Island refuge after years of being anyone the Army needs her to be, all she wants is a quiet summer.

    Saving a gorgeous stranger from Russian mobsters on her first night home was not in her plans. One brush with danger can't scare Rose diStephano away from her last weeks with her favorite cousin, Angelo Benedetti. How hard could tagging along to Maji's martial arts camp be? Even if it means pretending that Maji is Angelo's girlfriend, rather than the woman she is falling in love with.

    Maji will do whatever she must to complete her mission. Infiltrate enemy territory? Protect civilians from blowback? Keep Rose from getting too close? After losing lives on a mission gone wrong, Maji Rios feels anything but ready for a covert operation to protect volatile Spanish pop star Erlea from the paparazzi and death threats. That mistake cost her a thriving sports medicine practice and her trust in herself.

    When an unlikely friendship with Erlea turns deeper, she has a choice to make—run or double down on love. Can she reclaim her personal and artistic integrity with the help of the two women working to keep her life from imploding? By Yolanda Wallace. Her life is just the way she likes it, well-ordered and intentionally devoid of emotion. By Suzie Clarke. Even if it means murder. Rachel can finally focus on her attraction to her best friend Claire and the unexpected love they share.

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    Imperfect Truth. Lightning Chasers. Lightning Series Book 2. Lightning Strikes. Lightning Series Book 1. Never Enough. When a killer sets her sights on her target, is there any stopping her? Royal Court. Royal Rebel. Season of the Wolf. Devon James is on the run from a killer who has been hunting her for years. When she discovers the murdered bodies of two co-workers, Devon knows it is time to run again. But before she can run, the police arrive and take her in for questioning.

    Jordan Salinger is a Pittsburgh homicide detective on leave after a hostage standoff left her with a bullet wound in her shoulder and an even bigger hole in her heart. When she is called in by her partner to help with an uncooperative witness, Jordan has no idea that the woman holds the key to the murders and to her salvation. With the murderer stalking them at every turn, can Devon and Jordan overcome the horrors that haunt them in time to save each other? Secrets in a Small Town. Enemies to Lovers Romance.

    Not when someone waits in the shadows, watching and preparing to strike. Side Effects.