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Nova Science Publishers, Inc. Retrieved 9 August My story—in conjunction with the very real, very tragic event that inspired it—can be read full circle, because is there really much of a difference between suicide, and an evil entity that deceives a suffering young person into believing that they have one option, and one option alone?

Helena, the name of the malicious dybbuk in my story masterfully illustrated by artist David Bonneywell , is one of my favorite My Chemical Romance songs. The music video is all Gothic colors and macabre imagery and mournful dance. I have seven or eight other short stories in various stages of completeness, and my goal is to finish one a month over the remainder of , keeping in mind that new ideas will inevitably strike during that time, as well as to participate in a second short story collaboration with author David Emery, whom I met while judging a short story contest through The Write Practice and Short Fiction Break literary magazine.